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See… this is the thing.  I’ve been hearing all my life that I was too short.  Too short to be a starter at Duke University, too short to be a first-round pick, too short to start in the big leagues, too short to do so many of the things I’ve already done. 

All that talk has ever done is motivate me more, made me hungry for more, made me angry and made me say “I’m going to do everything I can to prove these people wrong.” 

With that being said, Height Doesn’t Measure Heart is for everyone who has ever been told you’re not enough.  To everyone who has ever been told you’re not going to make it because statistics say you’re not enough.  Always remember – outside opinions are irrelevant.  Be who you think and know you can be; work hard at it and you can achieve it. 

I’ve been breaking molds and stereotypes since I can remember! 

Join the movement – HDMH


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